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Beacon Bonfire Music and Art Festival: A Beacon of Resilience Amid SAG-AFTRA Strike

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Full Circle Jess Linquist Fire Main Street Beacon NY

Uniting Art, History, and Community: Beacon Bonfire Returns with a Celebration of Resilience and Creativity.

his autumn, the Hudson Valley takes center stage as the Beacon Bonfire Music and Art Festival returns. Never intended to be a festival, Beacon Bonfire began during the global pandemic as a safe way to gather the community outdoors. Now a multi venue citywide event, it’s an example of the endurance and adaptability of the arts industry, especially significant amid the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

About the Festival: November 4th and 5th, 2023 – The event takes place in Beacon, NY, a town known for its rich history and seasonal beauty. Over the two-day span, attendees can explore 26 distinct indoor and outdoor venues along Beacon’s iconic Main Street. These locations will come alive with over 140 performances from 400 artists and musicians. Nine cozy campfires, s’mores, and singalongs guide festival passholders from one venue to another along Main Street, making for a memorable weekend.

Organizers and Their Vision: The festival’s organization has the hands and minds of five industry leaders at its helm: actors and producers Christian Campbell and America Olivo, Kelly Ellenwood, producer Tim Parsaca, and composer Jeremy Schonfeld. Their aim – making the festival a platform for regional artists to shine and for communities to connect around music, arts, and the familiar draw of campfires. Ticket revenue goes toward paying all artists who perform at the festival.

Highlights & Features:
• Music & Performances: Something for Everyone, Everywhere, All at Once – world music, jazz, dance, performance art, mentalism, theater, comedy, drum, and percussion, spoken word, folk, rock, indie, electronica, fire dancing, aerialists, ambient, African, traditional Mexican, Americana, funk, Cajun, Soul, and Blues.
• This year will feature short and feature length film programming in partnership with Story Screen.

• Special kid-friendly events, including the Steamroller Large Scale Print, Silica Studios Clay Art & Interactive Workshop, Museum Marvelous, and the BoogieREZ Experience.

• Stalwarts like Dr. Zsa’s Powdered Zydeco Band, Stephen Clair Band, Alex Harris, and emerging voices coming together, epitomizing the festival’s mix of established and nascent talents.

• Artistic Exhibits: Notable displays include the Ethan Cohen Gallery at KuBe “Back to School”, featuring acclaimed artist Ron English alongside Frank Hyder, Donna Mikkelson, and Emil Alzamora.

• Interactive Experiences: Attendees, especially younger ones, can engage in activities like the Steamroller Large Scale Print and Silica Studios Clay Art & Interactive Workshop.

• Pricing & Access: The event offers both free community happenings and ticketed experiences. Festival passes begin at $39, with discounts available for online pre-purchases. Notably, children under 12 have free access.

Historical Significance: The name “Beacon” draws from the region’s history, referencing the fires atop Mount Beacon during the American Revolution. This year, the festival’s timing serendipitously falls close to Guy Fawkes Day, adding another layer of historical relevance. Connecting the town’s rich history with its burgeoning art scene, the festival epitomizes Beacon’s evolving identity.

Statement from Organizers: Christian Campbell emphasizes the need for live events, stating, “The world feels upside down. We’re more ‘connected’ than anytime in human history, yet divisiveness and loneliness are an epidemic. We’ve built an open canvas where attendees can be curious, explore and hopefully get a little lost amidst the abundance of choices.”

Additional Information: For a comprehensive artist list, tickets, or further details, visit www.BeaconBonfire.com.

Inquiries can be directed to info@BeaconBonfire.com.

Background: Initiated in 2022 and under the umbrella of the BonfireWORKS Foundation – a nonprofit committed to supporting creative projects that bring people together – in real life.

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