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LegendaFX Announces Funding Of Up To 500K To Qualified Traders

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LegendaFX is a prop trading company that helps qualified traders implement their proven trading strategies.

LegendaFX is a prop trading company that helps qualified traders implement their proven trading strategies.

LegendaFX has announced the launch of their own prop trading company. LegendaFX joins a growing list of proprietary firms. Incorporated in Q1 2022, LegendaFX works in conjunction with Eightcap, a reputable and multi award-winning broker with more than ten years of experience in the industry. 

LegendaFX is on a constant search for profitable funded traders who are looking for an excellent choice for retail forex trading. The company offers a variety of trading accounts to suit different risk appetites – unlimited upsides with very limited downsides. All traders, no matter if they are beginners or experts, can choose a variety of plans, from smaller capital to large ones. 

“We are a young, focused company and want to become one of the top prop firms in forex trading by 2025. We work with the traders and not against them. There are no hidden rules, and traders can expect complete transparency from us,” said a spokesperson for LegendaFX.

With LegendaFX’s funded trader program, traders can test out their forex trading strategies during the evaluation stage. Once they pass evaluation, they can trade with a fully funded trading account with access to capital of up to $500,000. LegendaFX also welcomes funded traders from other prop firms. They also allow EA trading, robot trading as well as news trading.

Some of the key features of LegendaFX include: 

  1. A single dashboard to keep track of the progress. The LegendaFX dashboard has an intuitive and easy to use interface. A user can see all the key information at a glance, including the daily loss limit, profit target, maximum loss limit, trading rules, Equity and projected annual returns. 
  2. Easy withdrawals. Traders can make profit withdrawals once a calendar month. The amount is issued via a global solution provider which supports multiple payment channels. 
  3. Traders will trade on MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5, the preferred trading platforms of all traders. All popular web browsers and the Windows OS support both MT4 and MT5. They are extremely flexible, secure, easy to use and come with a superior tool set for better analysis

How to get started

Plans are available for both beginners and experienced users. To advance to trading live, a trader must pass an assessment stage.

The process is divided into 3 steps.

Step 1 is to choose a plan.

Step 2 involves the assessment stage, where traders can use their solid trading strategies to make a 10% profit via a demo account.

Step 3 is where the traders get funded and they start trading live. Traders can cash out 70% of the profits made.

Traders can register using the capital that best suits their level of risk tolerance. They only have to buy a plan which comes with initial capital. There is no deposit required by the traders to start trading. When they make it through the evaluation stage without violating any of the trading rules, they qualify for a funded account. They will be subject to the same trading rules when funded. Traders that has been funded elsewhere can apply for a further discount.

For more details, visit legendafx.com.

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