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Merica Oil’s Investor First Approach Gives Investors an Opportunity to Seek Investment Returns Even With High Gas Prices

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Merica oil always keeps investors first, which allows them to offer better returns even when with astronomical gas prices.

As oil and gas prices continue to soar, investors are reacting to the oil and gas markets with sticker shock. With gas prices reaching a national average of $4.32 per gallon in the first quarter of 2022, investors may be unaware of massive investment opportunities in the oil and gas market.

Why is Merica Oil Different? 

Simplicity is at the heart of Merica Oil’s business operation. Other oil and gas operators seeking capital offer complicated arguments about how they’re poised to succeed when the fundamental business is simple. 

For Merica Oil, their operation is simple: pump a barrel of crude oil for less than its selling price, with overhead, taxes, and everything else factored in. If this criterion is met, Merica Oil and its investors will make money.

To that end, Merica Oil is focused on keeping costs low and efficiency high to mitigate risk. For each fund asset and prospect well, Merica Oil models multiple cost/risk/price scenarios to figure out which prospect well is profitable and which ones should be left untouched. 

The Merica Oil Way: An Investor First Philosophy 

Investors are first. That is the motto rooted in Merica Oil’s ethos, which communicates its operational philosophy for investors to bridge trustworthiness and transparency. Furthermore, the Dallas-Fort Worth-based oil and gas exploitation company is military-run. Featuring Franz Ronnie, the chief executive officer, who served and developed leadership qualities in his years of service in the Marines. As well as, VP of Operations, Robert Rother, who served in the Navy before joining Devin Energy, an energy company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration. 

However, aside from building a strong military-centered team, Ronnie saw a bigger vision for his relationship with Rother. Mainly leveraging his operational and reservoir engineering experience to position Merica Oil as a frontrunner in the oil and gas exploration space.

About Robert Rother and his Vision for Merica Oil

Robert Rother, Franz’s operational partner, served in the Navy for five years before attending college at the University of Oklahoma. Additionally, Rother has over 18 years of experience as a Petroleum and Reservoir Engineer with a range of experiences, including strategic portfolio modeling to log and seismic interpretation. 

As a result of Rother’s expertise, we asked Rother a series of questions to collect more information on Rother’s vision for the company and how he plans to bring it to fruition. In response to talking to our media teams about his experiences and his value offer, Rother had this to say:  “I did field operations for various companies in college, so I am able to understand what our guys are going through, but more-so I understand what questions to ask and how to monitor production accordingly.” 

Why should investors be interested? 

Transparency and Accessibility. For example, an application called Greasebook allows investors to log in and see daily reports, productions, timelines for releases, and any production problems we encounter in the field. Furthermore, for someone who wants to invest in Merica oil, we can explore low-risk opportunities instead of expensive funds with high drilling and acquisition. 

What is the 5-year vision for Merica Oil? 

To produce the most oil and gas for our investors, we want to make sure that investors understand what we have going on in our daily operations and future timelines. Ideally, we want our investors to have a voice! It doesn’t mean we will change direction, but we would like people to speak out and voice their concerns. 

Merica Oil just acquired 18 wells, tell us more? 

Merica Oil acquired 18 wells from an operator and assumed some liability. However, the advantage of this acquisition is that we got to go in cost-efficiently, which allowed us to enter the Oklahoma market with minimal money upfront. Ultimately, this opportunity gives investors a great opportunity to reap investment returns. 

Investors First Approach 
Backed by the idea of transparency, trust, and an “investors first” approach. Merica Oil encourages investors to reach out and ask questions – especially in a tumultuous market. There are daily reports used to expose investors to concrete data for each of their capital projects. To get started with Merica Oil or learn more about what they offer, visit their website or refer to the media details below to get in contact.

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