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Project Save Our Surf & Green Girls’ NFT PSAWS G² Is Launching On This Earth Day

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Green Girls NFT

This Earth Day, next month on April 22nd, 2022, Project Save Our Surf & Green Girls, will be dropping its NFT PSAWS G².

Project Save Our Surf (PSOS) runs its organization for kids, with kids, and with respect to kids taking over the planet. PSOS’ freshwater filter program takes troubled teens and sends them on leadership trips in which they get to surf for a week at a global surf break located near a village in dire need of fresh water. Then they install freshwater filters and interact with the kids in the village who look up to them as leaders and heroes.

The name of the NFT PSAWS came from an urban slang name for PSOS, created by the kids from the organization.

Oscar-nominated actor Eric Roberts and Mayor of Beverly Hills John Mirisch are both holders of the PSAWS G² NFT.

By purchasing the PSAWS G² NFT, for $49 (with discounted bundles available), people will be supporting a women’s organization (Green Girls, founded by CEO Apple Levy). Owners will also be supporting carbon-friendly projects, as the NFT will be minting on Polygon as opposed to Ethereum. Some NFTs can use as much gas as a car driving 500 miles in their lifetime. To drastically reduce its NFT’s carbon footprint, PSOS’ collection will live on the eco-friendly Polygon Blockchain.

Additionally, five trees will be planted with each initial purchase of a PSAWS G² NFT via www.OneTreePlanted.org. Purchases of the NFT will help keep PSOS and its programs running such as helping to conserve marine life and ocean conservation, monthly beach clean-ups, clean water filtration installations, and maintenance trips in over 15 countries. Additionally, all sales will go towards helping children’s educational camps in local California mountain ranges and wetlands and supporting surf camps that benefit youth with cystic fibrosis, and more.

The PSAWS G² NFT will be available to purchase this Earth Day, on April 22nd, 2022 on TheGreenGirls.com

To learn more about Project Save Our Surf visit www.psosurf.com


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