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ShitExpress Is Delivering a Smelly Surprise Inside A Gift Box

by Manish
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ShitExpress offers a unique service where they send poop in a box to someone.

One can find absolutely anything on the internet. Even services that send poop on someone’s behalf to people who’ve incurred their hatred are old news. With the help of the online ShitExpress service, anyone can now send poop in a box with elegant packaging and handwritten-message-accompanied animal poop to anyone in the world anonymously.

A personalized letter, postage, packing (send it in a basic box or disguise it as a friendly, expensive gift), and a message encouraging the recipient to be a better person are all included in the price of this exclusive shit for you gift. 

It is a well-known fact that everyone has pesky haters in their life, be it an irritating colleague, a school teacher, an ex-wife, a filthy boss, a jealous neighbor, a successful former classmate, or even an online scammer. The new service by ShitExpress allows users to send a box of smelly surprises.

Every animal has different types of excrement. But ShitExpress offers organic, wet horse pop that can do the job. Simply choose an animal, give them the address, pick a sticker, make a payment, and get the package shipped while staying anonymous. 

Their services can only be purchased through bitcoin cryptocurrency payments to ensure 100% anonymity and identity protection. Users can send a box filled with gluten-free, kosher horse shit for as low as $16.95 and enjoy free worldwide shipping.

In the words of one of the poop senders, “Nothing can replace the expression on the recipient’s face after opening the box. I did it in the middle of school, and he was burned so hard that he had to change himself, finally.” He adds, “I have even been at the other end of the spectrum, but it only made me realize that I should just try to be a better person from now on. So I took a deep breath and started working on myself. “

Another user shared, “We tested the service, and it worked very well. 5/5 stars, best-grade horse shit, as promised. It was nice to be around him when it happened. Nothing can beat this feeling.”

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