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TID is solving the problems of Big Production Houses and Brands with Synthetic Media aka Deepfake Technology

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The Indian Deepfaker

The Indian Deepfaker is a full-fledged Synthetic Media company.

Significant scientific developments in deep learning and generative adversarial networks (GANs) have propelled the growth of synthetic media, or Deepfakes, during the past few years. It has become a significant opportunity for various types of creative content, particularly in film and television, where deepfake artists push the limits of what is possible in visual effects.

From entertainment deepfakes to larger projects, Hollywood studios, filmmakers, brands, and marketing advertising agencies around the world have become more interested in deepfake technology over the past few years.

Big Brands look to TID (The Indian Deepfaker) to maintain the Deepfake technology seamlessly in the media by creating digital cloned avatars of stars, celebrities, and executives, resurrecting historical figures to life, and providing other synthetic media solutions.

What is deepfake technology?

Deepfake is a combination of the terms “deep learning” and “fake.” As one may have guessed, deepfake employs Artificial Neural Networks to make videos that are indistinguishable from those that could have been filmed.

Face replacement is among the most used deepfake applications in the video production industry.

How is TID helping major Brands, Advertisement agencies, and Production Houses with cutting-edge Deepfake Tech?

TID (The Indian Deepfaker) is a fast-growing synthetic media company that mainly works to make hyper-realistic content using Deepfake technology.  

New York University, Shine TV Network (UK) – (Hunted TV Reality Show), HIGINGO (UK), IIM Ahmedabad, Hyderabad School of Business, Glance, WPP, etc. are among TID’s clients.

In addition, the fact that the company has collaborated with notable Production Houses, the Film Industry, Brands, Advertising Agencies, and Research Teams of Universities such as New York University, Hyderabad School of Business, etc. increases the organization’s credibility.

Since the significance of Deepfake is rather obvious. And TID offers its services to notable marketing firms, production companies, and social media juggernauts all around the world.

Divyendra Singh Jadoun, Founder of TID (The Indian Deepfaker), explained, The process begins by creating an avatar of the celebrity. An average shoot plus additional 15 minutes to collect audio and video data is all that is needed. The gathered information creates an avatar within the next 7-8 days, which is then used to generate the amount of customized content for the audience.”

As for now, TID is offering its Facial Reenactment (Deepfake), Voice Cloning, and Lip Sync services for many industries, such as;

  1. Education and academic

Deepfake technology allows a variety of educational options. Teachers and schools have utilized media, audio, and video in the classroom for a considerable amount of time. Synthetic media generated by AI can bring historical personalities to life, making classrooms more engaging and participatory. Deepfakes can assist educators in delivering creative teachings that are far more engaging than conventional visual and media formats.

  1. Marketing and Advertising Agencies:

Synthetic Media, also known as Deepfakes, Can Drive Scalable Personalization Consumers to anticipate customization. In 2022, tailored content will be a table bet, and organizations that cannot offer it risk losing customers to competitors who can.

The top three benefits provided by Deepfake technology include

  • First, it can lower the cost of video campaigns.
  • Second, it can create better omnichannel campaigns.
  • Third, it can provide a hyper-personalized experience for the customer.
  1. Dynamic Influencer Campaigns

Imagine hiring one of the most influential individuals for a campaign. That is what deepfake makes possible. A creative needs merely a collection of digital footage as opposed to asking them to shoot a video for several hours.

The rest is handled by artificial intelligence and machine learning. One might also utilize historical figures such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Due to the abundance of video and audio recordings of individuals, marketers can utilize their resemblance in a deepfake to improve their campaigns.

  1. VFX/Film Industry

Deepfake technology is gaining popularity in the visual effects, computer-generated imagery, and film industries. What if we could see the Documentaries of Prominent Personalities in which they appear? With Synthetic Media Technology, deceased actors can be resurrected to star in an infinite number of franchises. Others can be replaced totally, and none of this will have an impact on the bottom line. The production of video content continues to be prohibitively expensive. The expenditures associated with recruiting artists, dubbing actors, and content licensing are among the highest for the majority of advertising departments.

One can acquire a license for an actor’s identity and make endless content using deepfake technology.

Through Deepfake technology, it is unnecessary to hire a film crew, book an actor or model to act, rent expensive equipment, and pay production costs.

  1. Entertainment

If anyone has ever considered having a loved one or themselves appear in their favorite film,. TID is now making it possible.

TID can inject a deepfaked version of a person into the scene of their favorite film or music. This has been made possible using the technique of deep fake. Anyone can get a video of themselves playing their favorite character in their favorite movie scene.

  1. Social Media Content

Deepfake technology for the popularity of social media material is fairly evident. TID creates AI-generated content specifically for social media to increase audience engagement. Therefore, brands and marketing agencies are welcome to contact TID. Deepfake is all that a business, individual, or brand requires for maximum content influence and viewership.

TID provides Advanced classes in which you will study this technology in a step-by-step manner and be able to generate hyperrealistic Synthetic Content for individuals who wish to be a part of this rapidly expanding field.



TID offers advanced courses for Hyper Real Deepfakes creation step by step in a very easy way. You will learn Full Head Swap and Face Swap Deepfakes Creation.


TID offers a course for Creating Deepfakes in Real Time for PC Streaming or Zoom Calls. 


TID offers a course for Lip Synchronization, where we can lip-sync a given video with any given audio.


TID offers a course for cloning any voice using artificial neural networks

To learn more about The Indian Deepfaker, visit https://www.theindiandeepfaker.com.

About the founder of TID

Divyendra Singh Jadoun is the founder of polymath synthetic media solutions, a parent body of the TID media group. Jadoun said, Initiated as a side hustle, The Indian Deepfaker grew into a full-fledged Synthetic Media company within a year, now a leading industry expert in creating Hyper-Realistic Content through Deepfake technology. With synthetic video and audio content generation, businesses can create genuinely personalized communication for their clients. This technology allows you to shoot content faster and for less money than attracting celebrities to the set.”

Divyendra is looking forward to the use of Deepfake, especially for educational and academic purposes. He also said: “Imagine sitting in a physics class and watching Einstein delivering a lecture on the theory of relativity.” 

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