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Afrobeat Artist Joseph Lanyo Drops Debut EP Titled ‘Love’n Life’

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Artist Joseph Lanyo combines the rawness of pure vocals with musical composition in his upcoming EP ‘Love’n Life’.

Affluential musician Joseph Lanyo provides a glimpse into his friendship with music with his upcoming EP release titled ‘Love’n Life’. He is excited to present this melodic genius to fans through his relatable songs, allowing fans to see real-life made into music. This EP will be available on major digital streaming platforms on May 14th. ‘Love’n Life’ promises to intrigue fans with a fascinating fusion of previous releases and new sounds.

Joseph Lanyo has been working on this EP since his first release ‘Akpe’. His second release ‘Ye dze pé’ was completed in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. Lanyo has continued to work closely with his producer Cain @collectivelyunconscious and engineer Max Guerrero (of Blacklite Productions) as they navigate through their music with lilting familiarity. “I’m honored for the opportunity to continue working with these two”, Lanyo said. “They connect the dots of my musical imagery, gathering individual fragments and molding them into completed work!”

This EP brings together these previously created works with new sounds, one of those reflected in his song ‘Pour Toujours’. Lanyo shares “This song is a beat my producer had already made; he shared it with me, and I really liked it but didn’t know how to go about creating music for it. I stepped outside of my comfort zone to create a song that fit. ‘Love’n Life’ encapsulates all my native languages: French, Ewe and English. The combination of these languages in a way expresses who I am.”

Lanyo’s particular sound reflects a unique skill set that continues to impress. “You can connect with my music in different ways”, states Joseph, adding that “You can listen to it and dance, or you can turn it on in the car and just vibe to it.” Lanyo keeps a balance between the two, accomplishing his goal of entrancing his listener while captivating them for those few moments they’re listening to each song.

About Joseph Lanyo :

Born and raised in Togo, West Africa, Lanyo grew up integrating cultures. His appreciation and connection with music started at a young age, increasingly so when his family journeyed to the United States in his teenage years.

Lanyo has created this EP to reflect life’s experiences and memories while channeling them into his music: “Music is universal, it’s the global connection across the world that allows us to feel what someone is expressing”. He closes out his collection of songs with a sweet tribute to his grandmother. This touching song will pull at your heartstrings, making ‘Grandma’s Reprise’ the perfect closing to this EP.

Joseph Lanyo continues to work on new projects and is excited to release these to fans in the future. His music is available on global digital music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. For more information about Lanyo’s upcoming EP, please visit www.josephlanyo.com.

For more information or to request interviews with the artist, please contact Joseph Lanyo at me@josephlanyo.com.

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