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BeAware Is Proving to Be a Must Have App for the Deaf

by Manish
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With BeAware, Detroiters are making the lives of Deaf easier across the world

Tired of seeing all the current apps charge $100/year for essential everyday tools needed by the Deaf, four friends from Detroit spent over 1000 hours building BeAware-The d/Deaf Assistant. 

“We designed and developed this important app for the Deaf and optimized it to make it the best possible experience”, says Saamer Mansoor, the co-founder of BeAware.

Michigan alone has over 600k Deaf or Hard of Hearing residents or one person for every three households including babies and mothers. 

The app allows people with hearing difficulties to customize alerts making everyday life easier for Deaf individuals. For example, a Deaf mom can use the app to get vibration and an LED flash through a push notification on her phone when her baby is crying. 

Similarly, a Deaf individual can use the app to transcribe conversations in real-time and communicate with others without having to use sign language.

“We are continuously making improvements and upgrades based on user feedback with the feedback of nearly 200 testers from across the world. We’re currently excited about future releases in multiple languages for users around the world,” said Mansoor.

The BeAware app can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or download the app here.

Media Contact
Company Name: BeAware, The Deaf Assistant 
Contact Person: Saamer Mansoor
Email: Send Email
Phone: 214-683-9508
State: Michigan
Country: United States
Website: deafassistant.com

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