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Does Revolutionary Relief Really Work? An Honest Answer

by Manish
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Does Revolutionary Relief Really Work?

It is evident that natural pain relief and, more specifically, supplements that support lowering inflammation have gained attention in the medical community and have soared across social media and other media. It seems far-fetched to help your body’s anti-inflammatory function just by supplying nutrients. But not all nutrients and natural remedies are equal. So …  “Does Revolutionary Relief really work?” This question has kept most of us (who are in real pain) wondering about natural pain relief products. 

About The Brand, 

Revolutionary Relief Duo-for-Pain includes a topical roll-on and an oral softgel, an inside/outside set that presents a new approach in the pain relief industry.  An OTC (Over-the-Counter) topical gel with the active ingredient 4% Lidocaine HCL and Kannopia-Active ™ , Plantago Major, Arnica Montana, Indian Frankincense, and Vitamin E , all well-known for their anti-inflammatory and homeopathic properties, are used in the ground-breaking relief roll on for pain. Per in vitro Gene Marker studies on human tissue , Kannopia-Active ™, was able to stimulate CB2 receptors, of which 65% are found in the epidermis and the hair follicle close to the sebaceous glands. The significance of a supplement acting on the CB2 receptors emphasizes the potential therapeutic value of this ingredient.

What is Kannopia-Active?

It is crucial to remember that although being a hemp derivative, Kannopia-Active is neither CBD nor does it test as CBD. In fact, it is derived by converting natural hemp extract into a 100% water-soluble, 100% active,  highly bioavailable substance via a new cutting-edge technology. Although it is well known that CBD stimulates our body’s endocannabinoid system which regulates and controls many of our body functions, pain control and inflammatory responses, a comparison of gene expression results between a 100mg/ml CBD oil and 5% Kannopia-Active ™  revealed that Kannopia-Active ™  had a significantly greater impact on pain/inflammation markers. 

Does Revolutionary Relief Really Work?

Kannopia-Active ™  completely dissolves in water, making it easier to absorb into bodily tissues and more quickly digested than CBD oil,  which is only soluble in fat. It is also well-known that 70% of the human body is made up of water. Because Kannopia-Active ™  is hydrophilic, it surpasses the efficacy of traditional CBD Oil by 3,500%.


  • 2  Product System :  roll on for quick topical relief – softgels for long term relief and prevention.  
  • On the OUTSIDE: Quick topical pain relief provided by Lidocaine blocking the signals at the skin’s nerve endings.
  • Also recommended to relieve skin itching brought on by conditions like bug bites or stings, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, minor wounds, or scratches. 
  • Bonus!  Pleasantly scented with essential oils, lemon, vanilla and a dash of peppermint. It will not remind you of the typical strong odor of a pain relief balm. Almost our favorite part! 
  • From the INSIDE : Cutting-edge relief softgels, based on Kannopia-Active ™, spiked with potent, marine antioxidant Astaxanthin and gaining popularity with the micronutrient Boron.  Both are well known for boosting anti-inflammatory properties and speeding up regeneration. 
  • The softgels are easy to swallow, hence perfect for seniors and even the roll is simple to use, no mess,  making them the ideal travel companion. 


  • Although Revolutionary Relief Duo is a subscription product, at $69.90 +S&H, you can easily cancel or skip delivery dates. Most people don’t, and the company is considering releasing a 60 count package, as requests are coming in. 


“I have tried so many pain topicals on my hand after my surgery. I was blown away by how quickly this product worked. It was an instant relief, exactly as described. I am a big fan and hooked now.” 


 The $39.95 special introductory TV offer for the Duo is very reasonably priced. (Regular price $89.90). Also, the 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee is great. 

“Made in USA, Female, Veteran and Minority Founded”  – Another reason to try! 

Final Thoughts 

Doctor recommended natural relief product? Finally!  60% of the US population is complaining about pain and aches and the choices of natural products that actually work are limited! Revolutionary Relief presents itself as a safe, thoroughly researched, cutting-edge ingredients “relief” product, with a 30-day money-back guarantee that won’t break the bank? 

So, if you want a true answer to your burning question “Does Revolutionary Relief really Work?”, just give it a try, because good feeling is within reach.

To learn more, visit https://www.revrelief.com

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