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Matteus Ribeiro Networth Revealed

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Matteus Ribeiro Networth Revealed

Matteus Ribeiro has easily become one of the richest people in the world if you include his age bracket & Location.

Matteus Ribeiro has been evaluated at 100+ Million USD (According to Forbes BR)

Here is a breakdown of his publicly known assets.

  • OBN finance: 55 million dollars
  • Tokyo growth: 12 million USD
  • Cruze (partial ownership): $7 million
  • House in “Jardins Madrid” Goiânia: 850 thousand USD (4.3 million reais)
  • Coverage in Goiânia: 1.2 Million USD (6 Million Reais)
  • Apartment in Florianópolis: 2.9 million dollars (14 million reais)
  • Car collection (Lamborghini Huracan Evo 290k USD, Mercedes C300 AMG 122k USD, Mercedes G wagon 244k USD, 1955 Volkswagen Bug 44k USD, Porsche Cayenne 120k USD, BMW 225i 40k USD, super fast Ferrari 220 thousand USD,)
  • Moscow assets: office in the business district, 800 thousand dollars, house in Petrohras district, 1.5 million dollars.
  • Proven crypto assets: 33 million
  • Proven Net Assets (Bank): 11 million
  • Unproven assets: 50 million.

About Matteus Ribeiro

Young serial entrepreneur Matteus Ribeiro is the head of the multi-million dollar business OBN Finance.

Matteus Ribeiro is live proof that perseverance and hard effort pay off. This young businessman has achieved more in a year than the typical individual could hope.

In the past two years, Matteus has launched a number of enterprises, but none has achieved the same level of success as his prized OBN Finance, an investment bank focused on global commerce, business finance, and personal finance.

More than 1,300 well-known companies have received funding from Matteus and his colleagues through OBN Finance, primarily in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

OBNxHU, a side project that Matteus recently started, generated a staggering $710,000 in profit in just six months of sales.

OBN Finance immediately soared to the top and is today regarded as one of the most successful multi-million dollar businesses. Through OBN Finance’s first-rate financing solutions and products, thousands of businesses and corporations around the world have been able to obtain critical funding.

Matteus Ribeiro did not hide the success he attained via pure talent and skill; great effort brings big rewards. He frequently drives his Lamborghini Huracan Evo while developing new courses for OBN Finance and assisting his clients in breaking new ground in the business arena. He recently had the fun of his life in Goiânia and Florianópolis, Brazil, and he loves to travel in his stunning white Lamborghini.

The extravagant lifestyle of self-made millionaire Matteus has gone viral on social media. He is almost at 1 million followers on Instagram alone thanks to his photos taken by pricey pools, in far-off locations, and while on road excursions in his white Lamborghini Huracan Evo.

With OBN Finance, Matteus Ribeiro continues to transform the finance industry, and his umbrella company, “The Sosa Foundation,” has aided other firms.

Follow Matteus Ribeiro on Instagram to learn more about him: https://www.instagram.com/matteus.r17/

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