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Rocketverse Announces New Gaming Project Bringing Together Cryptocurrency and Competitive Online Gaming

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Rocketverse has been created with the goal of making it a self-sustaining arena.

RKV TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LTDA is set to take the play-to-earn arena by storm with a new, innovative gaming project, launching in Q3 of 2023.

In development since September 2021, Rocketverse brings together two of the world’s most influential industries – the financial marvel of cryptocurrency and the unstoppable force of competitive online gaming. With an experienced, dedicated development team, Rocketverse provides a product that gamers love to play – whether they win or not.

Designed to establish itself as a self-sustaining arena, Rocketverse will allow players to stake RKV tokens on the outcome of a winner-takes-all Crypto Deathmatch game.

An additional game mode will take the form of a campaign, within which players can work towards acquiring NFTs and various digital currencies, dependent on success and progression within the platform.

Filipe Gomes, Project Lead at Rocketverse, says, “It’s no secret that the competitive gaming and crypto industries are two of the world’s strongest and fastest growing sectors. At Rocketverse, we believe there is a massive amount of untapped potential for the two to come together.

“Our gaming project, RKV Arena, empowers millions of passionate gamers across the globe to build their portfolios and earn real money from their skills as players. From dramatic all-or-nothing deathmatches to linear campaign earnings, Rocketverse has something for every savvy gamer. We can’t wait to welcome you all to the game later this year!”

The Rocketverse project has been developed in collaboration with three established industry partners: Certik, the leading audit firm in the cryptocurrency space; CoinGecko, one of the industry’s largest market monitoring platforms; and CoinMarketCap, a first-rate crypto database for real-time market visualization and analysis.

Find out more about Rocketverse and its upcoming public demo, here: www.rkvarena.com

Media Contact

Organization: RocketVerse (RKV Technology Solutions LTDA)

Contact Person: Ryan Abreu

Website: https://rocketverse.space

Email: ryan@rocketversearena.com

City: São Paulo

Country: United States

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